Proofreading can be drudge work, particularly to the jaded, tired eye of the writer who has written, read and reread his work at least a thousand times before it goes to press.

But it is an important task, never-the-less.  And it can’t be left to Spell-Check.  There is yet to be a reliable substitute for the logic of the human brain in this department.

Now days the average third grader uses Microsoft Word instead of a keen eye and a dictionary.

Here’s a great example of importance of proofreading:


~ by rfgainey on November 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Proofreading”

  1. Great example – and so true!

  2. Good points; as a culture, we rely too heavily on devices to do our work for us. Good proofreading bucks that trend!

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