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Light of the Northern Dancers

a novel by Robin F. Gainey


adapted by Robin F. Gainey


Book release date: TBA

Pre-publication Reviews

Light of the Northern Dancers is a powerful novel of a woman’s journey, thought-provoking and unsettling in its authenticity and unflinching honesty. Its exploration of the depths of heartbreak is unblinking, yet ultimately, this is a celebration of joy, possibility and transformation. Robin Gainey’s writing illuminates the past in all its brutality and beauty, and the humanity that binds us all together. This story underscores the power of endurance to heal and inspire hope. An unforgettable read that will live in your heart long after the final page is turned.”~Susan Wiggs, #1 New York Times best-selling author

Light of the Northern Dancers examines the power found in turning life’s ruin to joy. The story trace the intersection of three lives struggling to cope with loss and disappointment against the terrible beauty of drought-worn 1890 Wyoming. Alone on her ranch and near starvation, immigrant Scot, Eden Rose, must find her brother, Aiden, who has disappeared into the Bighorn. As winter blows in she braves the mountains by forming an uneasy and culturally forbidden alliance with the Indian shaman, Intah. On their harrowing journey they find trust and love even as Intah’s brother, Black Fist, seeks to destroy the whites in his path.


Jack of Hearts

a novel by Robin F. Gainey

Released 2012

Available anywhere books are sold: Hardback, paperback, digital, and via Audible

Cover art by Nancy Schutt

Cover art by Nancy Schutt


“A wonderful, funny, and touching novel.  Shimoni is not simply a dog, he is our guide; he is our friend.  Stay by his side, stay with his heart, and he will take you places you haven’t been, and show you things you haven’t seen: after reading JACK OF HEARTS, you will understand the true depths of love and devotion.”
Garth Stein, #1 New York Times best-selling author of THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN

“This novel has freshness, originality and a huge heart of gold. Shimoni is one of the most unforgettable narrators I’ve ever read, and does he have a story to tell! I loved everything about this book.”

Susan Wiggs, #1 New York Times best-selling author


“This is a most heartfelt and extraordinary work for a first novel.  Ms. Gainey moves easily out of the realities of our everyday lives into an unexpected turn of canine spirit.  It is an intriguing and wonderful read.”
Lynn Andrews, New York Times best-selling author of MEDICINE WOMAN

is a novel of literary fiction told from the point of view of a small, aristocratic dog named Shimoni.  This imaginative first novel explores themes of fidelity and honor and offers a fresh perspective of Italian culture and amore.

   Shimoni’s passions for Italian cuisine and Elvis are rivaled only by his devotion to his masters, a Roman Count and Contess.  However, his discovery that Il Conte is having an affair imperils his comfortable life and plunges Shimoni into a quest to rekindle his masters’ love and preserve his home.

   The path to reconciliation leads Shimoni from the bustling streets of Rome to his owners’ rustic villa in the Italian Countryside, where he outwits man and beast to save his family, all while making time to fall in love and sample the local Chianti.  Shimoni’s (mis)adventures yield poignant observations about the nature of love and longing, and the soul’s ability to find satisfaction.  An intoxicating blend of adventure, romance, and joi de vivre, JACK OF HEARTS will appeal to literary devotees, Italophiles and dog-lovers.  Ms. Gainey dishes up a sensuous story with plenty of heart, and empathy for the human, as well as the canine condition.




an anthology of short stories including

   Little Jewels

by Robin F. Gainey

Short Story, winner of a Rupert Hughes Award for Fiction



Bridges Magazine:  Pronto! Writings from RomeThis collection of eclectic stories is reading entertainment at its best.  From the first page to the last entry, each story taps into some of today’s best writing talent.  By the time you finish reading this collection of stories, you feel feel like you have been right in Rome.  This is a great read.

Midwest Book Review:  Compiled and edited by John Tullius, Pronto! Writings from Rome, is a unique and enthusiastically recommended selection of stories, essays and poems all written by a gallery of distinguished contributors expressly by special request and on location within the boundaries of Rome.  Embodying the ancient city of Rome in verse, majesty, sensory impressions and more, Pronto! Writings from Rome, is an impressive, moving and diverse offering showcasing dozens of literary snapshots into the life and lore of this great center of European and World history.  Whether you are an armchair traveler who enjoys well crafted travelogues or are planning your own trip.


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